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Our Identity 

We collaborate with experienced and accredited immigration consultants, business financiers, advisors, and non-profit organizations. To provide immigration options that meets your needs. We educate and empower individuals with the information and resources they need to successfully navigate, adapt, and settle in their new homeland and society, and to live with purpose and dignity.

We do the following

We provide immigration consultation and assistance to applicants in the following areas:

0-1 Visa Application (Individuals with Extraordinary abilities)  >Details
Student Visa Application >Details
School Admissions & Scholarships
Business Incorporation in the United States of America

Why we do what we do

Our passion had led us to establish a ‘One-Stop Shop’ solution to address the social, mental, financial, and immigration needs of the entire community.

Our clients are individuals migrating and require resources, information, help, education, and direction on how to manage the complexity of the immigration system effectively. Additionally, we offer our best guidance on how to successfully migrate and integrate into American society and culture without fear of prejudice, unfairness, or inferiority complex. Over a hundred successful cases of customers migrating with confidence, dignity, and a sense of purpose have been documented by us.

Additionally, our clientele are individuals who require critical information and easy access to resources on US immigration law and policy. We further assist our clients with easy and convenient ways to settle into the United States of America upon a successful grant of whatever category of Visa that we have helped them to facilitate.